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The world is experiencing a devastating physical health emergency. But the coronavirus pandemic has also seen a renewed focus on our psychological wellbeing. Loneliness, uncertainty and grief may be intensifying an already acute mental health crisis, and in the US there has been a 20% spike in the number of prescriptions for antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs during lockdown. Demand for key antidepressants is threatening to exceed supply in the UK where prescriptions have already more than doubled over the last decade.

With over 20 years of trust and experience, our research has focused on how legal psychedelics for sale. Such as LSD, psilocybin, DMT and MDMA work in the brain, and how they may be useful in treating disorders.  such as depression. Furthermore Like the present pandemic, a psychedelic experience can be transformative of the individual and of society. Both illuminate the extent to which the condition of the world we inhabit is dependent on our own behaviours. And these, in turn, are a consequence of how we feel, think and perceive.

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