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Buy Marijuana Concentrates Online. Concentrates are chemically extracted from marijuana flower ingredients to produce a highly potent cannabis product that is used to treat many ailments. As a concentrate, they’re incredibly potent and offer both increased flavor and effects. Concentrates come in many forms including oils, Phoenix Tears, shatter, wax, hash and even vapourizers! With so many different forms it’s no secret that the concentrates market in Canada has been in such high demand.

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Buy dabs online and have them delivered directly to your door. Enjoy of all kinds of THC dabs from 98% THC weed,  wax, shatter, BHO, hash oil, weed oil, CBD oil, and honeycomb wax, bubble hash, and more. All our THC dabs are professionally made by trained technicians. All dabs for sale are made with the highest grade 5X or 7X filtered butane, raw Propane, and Grain Alcohol. Purging takes place with a professional grade heated vacuum chamber specifically designed for purging large amounts of cannabis wax and THC extracts. marijuana dabs for sale.

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Cannabis Extracts are a form of concentrated Cannabis that are made by extracting out all the Cannabinoids, Terpenes and other compounds into a variety of different forms that are very high in THC per gram compared to flowers. Buy cheap extracts at our online store

The majority of extracts are consumed using a Dab Rig that flash burns the extract at extremely high heats producing an intense hit and almost immediate onset of effects. We carry Canada’s top weed extract brands that produce award winning Shatter, Budder, RSO oils, edibles and Rosin.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Marijuana concentrates, or butane hash oils (BHOs) are solvent-based cannabis extracts. Often appearing as an oil or a solid waxy substance, these masses of concentrates are known to hold extraordinarily high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), ranging anywhere from 40%-90%. The effects of these concentrates are more psychologically and physically intense than traditional marijuana buds.


You’re probably familiar with hash or hashish: It’s centuries old, fragrant, and potent with a high THC factor. Hash is made using a solventless technique, usually via ice water. The extract is usually pressed into a brick or a ball before consumption. Buy Hash Online, Buy Hash USA, Buy Hash Canada, Buy Hash UK.  Shop for Hash


This type of concentrate is translucent, glasslike, and fragile — hence the name. It’s made by pouring raw extract onto a thin slab and leaving the mix undisturbed during the purging process. Buy Shatter Online, Buy Shatter in USA, Buy Shatter in Canada, Buy Shatter in UK. Shop for shatter


Wax concentrates are less oily and more waxy in texture. Like shatter, wax concentrates like crumble are made using a BHO extraction process. Also like shatter, wax concentrates contain a high THC content and produce a powerful, long-lasting high. Apart from their look, texture, and consistency, these two concentrates are actually very similar. Buy wax Online, Buy cannabis wax online. Shop for Wax   


Whereas shatter is hard, sauce is gooey, with a liquid-y, applesauce-like texture. Another difference between the two is that sauce is left to age. A natural separation will occur between the major cannabinoids and the terpene-rich portion of the extract. The latter is mixed back into the sauce for increased flavor, a powerful aroma, and greater potency. Shop for Sauce